7 Cool New Features added in WhatsApp

Facebook has been adding a lot of new features in WhatsApp. I mean, we hear about a new WhatsApp feature every other week, and not at some of the cool new features have actually arrived on WhatsApp, stable and beta. I thought why not show you guys these new water features in action? Well, I’m going to do exactly that.

New WhatsApp Features:

  • Disappearing messages
  • Wallpapers
  • Storage Manager
  • New Video Call
  • Mute Chat Forever
  • Whatsapp Payment
  • Fingerprint lock

Disappearing messages

was a disappearing messages, aka self destructing messages have finally arrived on WhatsApp and it’s very easy to use. So he has WhatsApp and I can just go to a chat, open up the profile. And as you can see, there is this new disappearing messages option. I can just turn it on right here. And that’s it. Now you can see the chatter there’s this, the messages in the chat will disappear after seven days. And I can tap on this to turn it off. And you also get this icon on the profile picture to show that disappearing messages are turned off. Now this is great. But honestly this kind of feels very basic right now, I would have like more options like an option to choose the days or the hours after which the messages disappear. Also, anyone can forward these messages or take a screenshot. So it’s not exactly foolproof, but at least it’s here

disappearing messages


The wallpapers option on WhatsApp has always been quite basic, but the newbie does have what’s happening new newer wallpapers and some really cool new options. So I’m using the WhatsApp beat, I can just go to the settings, chats, what people and as you can see now shows a preview of the wallpaper in water. Anyway, I can just tap change and it now shows bright and dark wallpapers in different folders. And these include newer wallpapers that we haven’t seen before. And I think these look really cool, specially the dark, what people’s. And I also like that I can set a bright wallpaper and when the dark mode is on, you can customize how much you want to dim the wallpaper in the dark mode. It’s really cool, because you can not choose to add WhatsApp doodles or solid wallpapers like this one. And yeah, one more thing, you can now set a different wallpaper for each chat as you can see, so that’s great

wallpapers in whatsapp

Storage Manager

So we get a lot of unnecessary photos and videos on WhatsApp specially in our family groups. Yeah, we don’t really like those Good morning messages. Anyway, this can take up a lot of storage on older phones will not have a lot of internal storage. And for this reason, Whatsapp has added a new storage management tool which makes cleaning up storage a lot easier. Let me show you. So I’ll just go to the WhatsApp settings, storage and data. And here you can see the new manage storage option at the top right. Now I can just go here and as you can see shows me the storage WhatsApp is taking and I can also review and delete items to free up storage. There’s media that has been forwarded many times through here I can delete the useless forwards. There’s also a larger than five MB section to create the bigger files. And below you can see which chart or which group has the most media share. So I have this and I can just go inside select the photos and videos and build them quickly. This is easy and very useful

storage mange in whatsapp

New Video Call

So video calls are kind of the new normal. I mean, we are meeting a lot of people and that means a lot of video calls and WhatsApp supports video calls up to eight people and that’s good but sometimes that’s not enough. And I think that’s where the messenger rooms integration WhatsApp comes in handy. So messenger rooms is basically Facebook messengers new feature that lets you make video calls with up to 50 people. And you can use it via WhatsApp. So in the course tab, see this new icon above the call second. This is the icon to create a messenger room. Now I can tap this and continue in messenger where I can create this group and then send the link of it to everyone I want in this video call group. You can also create room from a whatsapp group to the attach button. So yeah, this is cool and sort of works in WhatsApp Web. So you can even do your work meetings from a laptop

Mute Chat Forever

There are a lot of other new ones. features that are really cool. So let me just show them to you. The first step, you can now mute chats forever. So if you have someone like Akshay in your life, you can mute them for always.

Whatsapp Payment

What’s a pain is another feature that isn’t new, but something that has only recently arrived for everyone. And I think it’s a very, very useful feature. So you can now go to the trash menu and use the payment feature to pay someone or request money. This uses beam UPI, so it’s fairly easy to set up, you can just select your bank and it will automatically get the accounts linked to a number. Now you can add the account and start making payments. There’s even a dedicated payments page where you can see the payment history, make a new payment, or use a QR code to receive a payment.

Download WhatsApp Beta

WhatsApp Beta VersionDownload

Additional Features

Move on WhatsApp also had the fingerprint lock feature Android and face ID support on iPhones, which you can use to log into chats. WhatsApp also recently brought animated stickers and these are stickers which will animate like this.

In the sticker section, you can notice the play button that indicates animated stickers. You can also search for stickers. Now as you can see, it shows you the different categories and you can also do a manual search. I think this isn’t beat up or it should ride for everyone. So

so those are the new WhatsApp features in action. But there’s obviously a lot of new features coming as well. So let’s talk about that. So will soon be able to mute videos before sending them across. And that’s something I think everyone wants. Multi device support is also coming so you’ll be able to switch between Android and iOS more easily, and even use WhatsApp on multiple devices at once. expiring media is also said to be coming It’s similar to what we use in Instagram, you’ll be able to send photos and videos that disrupt after viewing what is called the video calls are also making the wait WhatsApp Web and our WhatsApp is also working on a new vacation mode or the later feature as the pan to call it in which a new message coming from any chat in the archives will go to read later without any notification. But also the cool new WhatsApp features in action. So which feature do you like the most? And yeah, Tell us in the comment section below also gives us your live Make sure to share it and follow us for more amazing tech Articles.

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