AI Selfie & Why Should You Care About?

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The word “AI” is one of the popular searches in Google from last two months springing from the launch of Mi MIX 2S. Word “AI” means Artificial Intelligence a.k.a. Machine Learning is regularly used in camera segment these days, especially with the selfie cameras. Today I am going to explain you all about AI Selfie & why should you care about it?

What is AI?

AI or Artificial Intelligence means a class of the computer which examines if we instruct a computer to think or learn. In-camera segment this technology deals with image processing, facial recognition, face scan, an area of focus,  background selection etc. It uses an algorithm which is developed by our engineers from a lot of samples. This algorithm understands basics of photography to advanced image processing areas. This technology will enhance your camera, with an AI-powered camera, we don’t even need a DSLR (Digital single-lens-reflex camera ) for an astounding click. For more details on AI and how it impacts our life

AI in Smartphone Cameras

This new trend started in 2017 with the introduction of Google Pixel 2 which can create bokeh effect even with a single camera, here google used a dual-pixel image sensor which allowed Google to use sensor-shift technology to click multiple images and AI algorithm will recognize foreground & background of the picture
AI in smartphone cameras has now optimized to detect the scenes and capture the best image with precise tuning and optimizations. Redmi Note 5 Pro features a 20 MP shooter which will create the same bokeh effect with a single sensor.
AI Selfie

Selfie or front camera of our smartphone plays an essential role in our day to day life, almost all of us are getting obsessed with selfies (or me eventually!). The new AI technology will help you to capture real you.
At first AI Algorithm was used for scene perception, the phone will choose a precise scene to depend on lighting condition and all. Beautify Mode is one of the best examples through which we can explain AI Selfies. We can divide AI into a process of two one is from the vendor side, and another one is through machine learning or real-time learning

Vendor or Software part

Essential or most important part of AI Algorithm is coming from the vendor side; AI is fed with thousands of sample images, lighting conditions. Xiaomi is working on Beautify Mode from the start to enhance selfies and to improve the face recognition. We saw Beautify 4.0 in our camera beast Redmi Note 5 Pro. Engineers at Xiaomi learned makeup to increase the results, especially for India. Beautify will preserve bindi, nose pins, facial hairs and much more.

AI is improved in such a way that we don’t have to do anything, system a.k.a. the phone will choose the best one for you. Beautify will do 12 steps to make our skin perfect ( like removing blemishes, retain and shape eyebrows )  and lots more.

Machine Learning

The phone/ camera will learn and builds its mental models from our use or the scenes which we use most etc. They will compare these samples with the predefined samples from the vendor. This learning will help the system to learn more and improve the algorithm for future enrichment.

AI is the future, the future of camera technology. AI Portrait mode will add bokeh effect to your selfies, improve your facial recognition, will preserve bindi, better scene for your perfect picture. AI will learn from your photos and will tune correctly for your selfies, and this is why we should consider about the AI Selfie or the eternity.

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