Android 11 Features is Here – Android 11 Developer Preview

Android 11 Features

Hey Android Users if you are awaiting for Brand New Android 11, then Android 11 Features of Developer Preview Update is Here! One week ago Google has rolling out it Beta developer ROM Update for Developers. This update currently is in Beta stage for check Bugs isssue and compatibility for Devices.

Official Android 11 Update Launching in March 2020 globally there after it will release for all supported devices by ota Brand schedule. So today we are discussion about this update first look Hands Changelog features of first Beta Development Preview.

Android 11 Developer Preview:

Developer preview is an first Beta Update for checking and another four update will received continue before release. So following features is getting after installed this Fresh new Update.

In-Built Screen Recorder:

Screen recorde android 11

If you are using stock android or before recent android 10 system then you notice that there is no any in built screen recorder for record mobile screen with sounds. But in Android 1 update you got System Screen recorder for record screen display, system sound for stock users.

New Notification History:

Notification history

Custom Notification history is an important changelog features of this update. Before many Systems and Apps Notification on Notification pannel occur but unfortunately if you clear this all you can’t see them all. But after this preview update you can easily manage All Notification also you can see all past Notifications. Even you can see 7 days before all Notifications which you want to see. So this Notification History features is very useful features getting in Android 11.

Display Refresh Rate:

show display refresh rate

From 2020 all smartphone company launching High refresh rate quality display smartphone. Recently many smartphone launch with 90Hz and 120Hz refresh rate quality. Bit if you have other smartphone and you want to know about its Refresh Rate quality then you can see it. Because this developer update has great new features in developer options that name is Show Refresh Rate of current display. After enable this features you can see top of display corner refresh rate display quality.

Schedule DARK MODE:

If you are used custom os smartphones tthen you know all custom os provided Dark Mode with schedule time features. But pure stock android does not have like this schedule dark theme features. So Fresh new android 11 update you got pure Dark mode with schedule time features. This Dark theme features has custom settings of timing or schedule on time and Off time of dark Mode.

Bluetooth On When Airplane Mode:

This is very small change but very useful changelog features. As you can know in stock android or android 10 update, when you enable Airplane mode On then Bluetooth wifi all turn in to Off. This is major drawbacks of android 10 wireless connection features but this Android 11 new Features enable which is Bluetooth stays On while your Airplane mode is On.

Apps One-Time Permission:

One ttme permission app

if you are install new apps in your phone then you need to access all permission. Before you need to allow permission and Deny permission this only two optionsare available. Bit after tthis update every apps ask permission like three options Only this time second one while using the app and last is Deny. Its means that if you want to access permission just one time for use this and app and second is for lifetime giving permission for it.

Bubble Chat By Default:

as you know if you used messanger app for Facebook chat then this app has features of bubble chat. So you easily find out new chat of any person when he send any message. Like this Bubble chat or quick bubble chat toggle has enable by default your system for all types of messaging apps.

Other many new Hidden Secret Features available in this Android 11 which is all cover in Video tutorial of Features review.

Video Tutorial Features Review:

If you want to see many new features of this Brand New Update then you can regular watch video for more new features and updy

Android 11 Features Review

All information and changelog preview details which are from Official Google Android website.

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