Best Launcher for Android in November 2020

Wide Launcher is a new concept Best launcher that is completely different from the existing Android launcher. The home screen is twice as wide, and you can use it by placing various items in a free position. You can easily use your smartphone with various palettes and applets provided, You can decorate your phone with various wallpapers, photo frames, stickers, and icons. In addition, it provides the ability to grow 20 kinds of Hello Pets in various pet rooms on the home screen.


Wide Launcher New Features

  • Wide Home Screen
  • Various free Decorating Themes
  • Intelligent Screen
  • Social sharing Themes
  • 10 Millions Download Heeloper
  • No ADs

Wide home screen

  • Double wide screen
  • Free screen without pages
  • Editable in any location without the concept of tiles

Various free decorating themes

  • Over-300 wide and high-quality wallpapers
  • Over 200 decorative stickers
  • Over 200 different app icons
  • Over-200 high quality photo frames

Intelligent screen

  • Automatically configured app palette
  • Smart applet with various functions
  • Automated photo frame

Social Sharing Theme

  • Home screen sharing function provided
  • Easily download various themes

10 million download Hellopet

  • More than 20 Hello Pets provided
  • Make your smartphone lively with Hello Pet!

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Video Tutorial

That’s it, guys. We assume that you’ve easily installed the Best Launcher for android. You can ask in the comments below for any queries.


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