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Best Launcher -Niagara Launcher is integrates with your notifications

Best Launcher -Niagara Launcher

Customization is a big reason why so many people are attracted to the Android operating system. The home screen is something that some people look at dozens of times throughout the day, so making it as efficient and organized as possible can really improve their user experience. Niagara Launcher gives your mobile device a fresh home screen that has a clean and minimalistic UI. Due to its unique design, it makes your mobile device more efficient and organized as possible and can really improve your user experience



Now, the man behind this launcher is named Peter Huber, and he claims that this launcher will make it possible to find and open apps quicker than with regular launcher, while it will also make it possible to you to use your phone with one hand due to the design of the app itself. This app is really simple, once you download it, and open it, you will be required to select your favorite applications. Niagara Launcher recommends you do not select more than eight apps in order to keep your home screen’s layout neatly organized. Once you do that and grant some permission to the app, you will see what this launcher’s home screen looks like. Your favorite apps are shown on the left, while you will find the whole alphabet on the right so that you can quickly find and access applications. If you tap ‘D’, for example, all the apps that you’ve installed that start with a letter ‘D’ will be shown to you, same goes for every other letter

Video tutorial:  

Niagara app drawer All your apps in a neatly arranged list that is sorted alphabetically and by usage. You don’t even have to swipe to open it!
Enhanced Notification dots You can read incoming messages right on your home screen. See the full notification by swiping right. Furthermore, unwanted messages like advertising or persistent notifications are getting blocked.
Hide Apps Preinstalled apps are annoying. Simply hide them, so you have a nice and clean home screen.
This is just the start. Icon pack support, adaptive icons, folders, and shortcuts will be implemented soon. Also, stay tuned for more exclusive features.


Download from the play store

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