BGMI 1.7 update patch notes officially released

BGMI 1.7 update patch notes have officially been released by Krafton. The patch notes were uploaded in both Hindi as well as English versions on the official YouTube channel of BGMI.

Players are already very excited about the forthcoming 1.7 update. It is scheduled for November 19, 2021. This article explains the 1.7 patch note update in detail.

BGMI 1.7 update patch notes -Check out all the new features

Here are the official BGMI 1.7 update patch notes listed in detail:

  • Two Classic Crate coupons for free after update.
  • The League of Legends Arcane animation is coming to BGMI.Players can enter the new theme mode from the Classsic Battle Royale section.
  • Players can select the Mirror World theme and experience the new mode.
  • The Mirror island will only appear in the Mirror World mode in Erangel.
  • Before the Mirror island appears, players can jump on the island and loot items from there. Later they can jump off from the island with the collected loot.
  • Players can also access the island later with the help of the Wind barriers. After going to the Wind Barriers players can either enter ‘Piltover Mirror Island’ or ‘Zaun Mirro island’.
  • Once players enter the island, his/her character will become either one of Vi, Jinx, Jayce, or Caitlyn. Each character uses different characetrs and has unique skills. Players can also change the character with the help of the Transformation device.
  • Players can also loot Hextech crystals on the map to redeem loot items from the DynaHex Supply Shop.
  • Piggyback feature – Players can now give a piggyback i.e., carry knocked out teammates or opponents over their shoulder to a certain distance.

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  • The Vs AI mode now has the ‘Hard’ option.
  • Mode Comeback – Several previous modesare now added for a temporary while:
    • Metro Royale mode (11/22)
    • Vikendi
    • Payload 2.0 (11/29)
    • Runic Power (11/30)
    • Survive Till dawn (11/25)
    • Virus Infection (11/25)

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