Boycott China Campaign: Indian Smartphone Companies Can Bring A Comeback

The clashes on the border between INDIA and china has brought out a campaign here that is gaining momentum to boycott Chinese products, including applications like videoconferencing app Zoom, short-video app TikTok,  file-sharing app SHAREit, and gaming app PUBG, UC Browser.

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In INDIA a large number of the smartphone market is dominated by Chinese companies and its products. In taking advantage of this situation, our INDIAN smartphone companies could make a comeback due to the anti-China sentiment. MICROMAX announces that they will soon launch a smartphone in the country.

 For the INDIAN companies, it is a good time to makes their place in the market. The rising of the anti-China sentiment, and now it has created huge demands of many products such as TVs, smartphones, and many more electronics items. The companies of INDIA which were very popular in the market a very a few years ago, like Micromax, LAVA, Karbonn are now virtually existent due to china’s smartphone makers. 


As Micromax has currently confirmed that they are again re-entering the Indian smartphone industry with new smartphones having brilliant features shortly.But from the other companies like Lava and Karbonn, there are no details in this regard yet.

IN the early ’20s MICROMAX was one of the biggest budget phone sellers in the country. The company also has had the official Cyanogen OS rights in India.

After the enter of Xiaomi and other Chinese smartphone companies, MICROMAX started losing its market share and its brand value also decreases.

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But they will soon make a comeback with the launch of a new affordable smartphone with extra classy features.

Due to tough competition from Chinese company LAVA is facing financial troubles in the year 2018. And there is a huge difficulty for the company to pay vendors and employees.

The earlier company had focused on the affordability level and budget segments.  In the rise of Chinese products, they have a great impact on Karbonn company too. Earlier they offered smartphones, tabs, phones at affordable prices. They are affected a lot by the entry of cheap Chinese goods. And due to this, they are not able to launch a phone for quite some time, they are just lost their business in the market

However, according to current news, it has been confirmed that The Swadeshi Jagran Manch is continuously fighting a battle against Chinese products flooding the market of INDIA.

IN the sake of humanity, Now SJM has asked all of us to boycott Chinese products giving a tribute to our 20 brave  INDIAN Army soldiers who were murdered by China’s People’s army on Monday.

Chinese goods are a reason for rising unemployment in the country.

Now, in today’s scenario, the anti-China sentiment is spread all over the world. In taking advantage of the current situation our country is trying to inviting all the businesses based in China to set up their business in India. Now, China is becoming a huge manufacturer hub and they wanted to be become an infrastructure giant by capturing the land of different countries in the world.

China is playing mind games by investing and creating their infrastructure in many African countries, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc. so that they can easily put them into clutches.

They are trying to criticize and opppose other countries. China is now facing the backlash of governments and peoples. Although, many companies were asking about the relocation of their companies from China. and companies asking from us that they want to shift their base to our country. Technology and investments are now growing in India since May.

At firstly, when opposing china was started only 30 to 40 percent of people are active and they accept the appeal and sensitized about everything how china is doing and how it would impact our economy. But after the coronavirus 90 percent people are active about the campaign #BOYCOTTCHINA. Now, clashes on the border with china 100 percent people are concerned. This has created a lot of business opportunities for INDIANS.So, this is the time to stand with the country in this situation. and makes the country economically strong.

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