Change Notification Style Like APPLE, SAMSUNG-EDGE MASK

Change Notification Style Like APPLE, SAMSUNG-EDGE MASK

I’ll change the design of the old notification.
Change to unique notification design.

Add round borders to your Android device with the app EDGE MASK, simulating the look of a Samsung Galaxy S8. Personalize it even more by changing the size and color of the border, which is black by default, in the app’s options. 

Other options in EDGE MASK allow you to apply the same effect to notifications, so the entire interface of your device has one uniform style. But if for any reason you don’t want borders on a particular app, just select it from the options menu. The border appears on all screens except for the apps you’ve excluded.

Add an elegant touch – at least Samsung’s idea of elegant – to your Android device with the interesting customization app EDGE MASK.

Video Tutorial:

✓ Change notification pop-up design
✓ Apply edge lighting effect when receiving message※ Notification pop-up design
Ripple, BIg icon, Samsung, Apple, Bookmark
• Customize size, position, background color, and font color of message popup

Notification receive effects

Samsung edge lighting
Lighting color options (single, blended, rainbow)
Basic one-way animation, clockwise circular rotation animation
Option for the notch design

Mask effect
Samsung rounded corners

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