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Post-processing is what makes smartphone cameras great. Even though every smartphone manufacturer has its way of doing it, Google might be one of the best in the league in the post-processing department. The American tech giant’s Pixel line-up is known for its image processing capabilities of GCAM

Credit is due where it should be, and Google CAM might be one of the best camera apps in the Android realm. So in this guide, we’ll show you how to download and install GCAM on any Android device.

Google GCAM

What makes GCAM great over other camera apps is its unmatched post-processing ability of images. Clever programming has allowed them to use the same camera sensors for three generations of Pixel devices. Any smartphone enthusiast would agree that Pixel devices are best suited for photography.

Download & Install GCAM on any Android device

GCAM is a name given to the mod that brings the Google Camera app to non-Pixel devices. These mods were made specific to certain brands and smartphones, and now it seems developers are taking a new turn. Many are doing their best to make a generic mod that can be installed on any Android device without rooting the device. The mod performs well on any device, but we’d recommend a mid-range or a premium smartphone for better results. We’ll show you how to download GCAM 8.4.

But first, here are the key features of the app.

What’s new in GCAM 8.4

  • Bug fixes are critical for the proper function of an app, and Google has been updating the application regularly. The GCAM mod you’re about to download will also come packed with these patches and fixes.
  • Added AUX mode with button detection. Also, you can go to the Advanced menu for advanced controls.
  • Fixes glitches and artifacts while switching between modes.
  • The version you’re about to download has been tested on the following devices. But, we believe it would work on any Android device.
  • Most OnePlus users won’t be having problems running the app.
  • The app has been tested on the Samsung S line from the S8 onwards, and things seem to be working just fine.
  • The app has also been tested on Poco, Xiaomi, and Asus smartphones. But as we said, it should work on most Android devices.

We believe you’re aware that Android 10 is a requirement for GCAM. So make sure your device is running on Android 10 or later. But no one will stop you from trying it on your older Android device.

Download GCAM 8.4

  • Visit the official GCAM forum and download the latest version. Note that the APK is in beta, and do not be amazed by the plethora of bugs.
  • Open the APK file once the downloading is complete. You might be asked to allow installs from Unknown sources. Make sure to permit it if you want to proceed with the installation.
  • Wait for the installation to complete. Open the app once done.
  • You can click here to try out older device-specific versions of the GCAM app.

Make sure that your device supports camera2.API. It should be enabled for the proper functioning of the app. If you have no clue what it is, you can download apps from the Play Store to see if your device supports it.

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You can refer to this BSG page for additional information on the APK you’re about to download and install on your device.

In case you’re wondering what the GCAM has to offer over native camera apps, here are some features that should give you a kickstart.


The mode enables you to capture the stars and planets. You can grab some great shots of the night sky, but patience is a prerequisite for such situations.

High-Res Video Recording

Video recording is a passion for many, and Google nails it among other Android devices. You can now capture high-res videos with the GCAM app if your hardware is up for the job.

AI-powered HDR

HDR in itself is great, and Google is doing its best to take it miles further. You can now grab the tiniest details thanks to Google’s AI and machine learning capabilities.

There are rumors that a major update is on its way for the Pixel devices. The camera will likely be a crucial part of that update. We hope GCAM developers will be waiting to bring the next best thing from Google to others. Until then, our best choice is to keep up with the GCAM 8.4.

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