Download & Install Pixel Experience ROM for Redmi Note 8 Pro

Pixel experience is adding features to an android version It is a ROM that brings the features of a google pixel into the android devices that make sense. It is an AOSP software that adds the features of every in the item in the google pixel into other devices. All the coding websites can have this pixel experience but it is not installed in our android devices Especially for Redmi Note 8 Pro. Every Handset a specialty like that can have special features and effects in the system.

pixel experience rom for redmi note 8 pro


  • Pixel’s launcher
  • Live wallpapers
  • Pixel google assistant
  • Sounds of pixel
  • Accent of blue

List of mobiles can the Pixel Experience ROM

  • Samsung mobiles
  • Redmi mobiles
  • Lenovo mobiles
  • HTC
  • ASUS
  • Google Pixel
  • Motorola
  • Oneplus
  • Sony Xperia
  • Oppo
  • LeEco
  • Realme
  • Nokia
  • ZTE
  • Yu Yureka


  • ROM OS Version: Android 11
  • Security patch level: Feb 2021
  • Download: Link (redmi note 8 pro)
  • Download: Link ( for all android devices)

How to Install the Pixel Experience ROM

  • Unlock Bootloader
  • Install TWRP Recovery on the device
  • Download ROM file and save it in either internal storage or External storage
  • Now boot the device TWRP recovery mode
  • In the TWRP mode create a backup for the safer side. if anything goes wrong we can restore the older ROM.
  • Now-do erase all the data from the device
  • Now go back to Recovery mode by pressing the Home button
  • Now click on install and search for the zip file and confirm it.
  • After the installation completes and installs the Gapps (if required) in the manner.
  • After Gapps installation completed then select the format
  • Confirm to format (Type YES)
  • After formating completes clicking on reboot
  • After successful completion then see the new android device.
  • While booting it takes some time and doesn’t panic.

Issues of Pixel Experience ROM

  • Battery backup can’t be the same as the previous usage
  • If use smartwatch or Bluetooth it disconnects automatically
  • Lagging in playing games
  • Connecting problem with radio signal
  • An issue occurring after updating the Pixel ROM

Is Pixel Experience ROM safe?

In a large community thousand of users are using and being tested with a thousand of engineers and if don’t root the device then it is 100% safe and secure.


  • It can have google assistant feature automatically when unlocking the device
  • It has additional features than the normal features.
  • The performance is also good
  • It is faster than the previous one

Working of apps on Pixel Experience ROM

  • Wifi – Working (Guide If wifi is not working)
  • RIL – Working
  • Data – Working
  • GPS – Working
  • Camera – No Inbuilt Camera Need to install Google camera
  • Flashlight – Working
  • cam recorder – Working
  • Fingerprint sensor – Not Working
  • Vibration – Working
  • Radio – Working
  • Bluetooth- Working

It is more smooth and no audio bug with safe and secure features.


Every system has own features and security measures but adding a custom ROM into a device has fear but according to google adding the custom ROM does not affect the device but at the time of installation we have to check whether this device is supportable or not. Either in the way that we can confirm it by calling customer care service. After installing it can change everything on the device like wallpapers, icons, sounds, etc.

All the developers can test the software releasing into the market because if the user can install the software and had a problem it can risk for the device and the company for that every software has undergo testing for 100 times before releasing instead of that this feature cam across in the year 2017. Recently the team of Pixel Experience has modified the features of software announced in the year 2019.

 For customization, the features opened a channel in the telegram through this user can customize their features. At last, every feature in the pixel Experience has a lot of information. It is more safer and secure usage of the mobile of the user.

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