Download Notch wallpapers- Hide your Notch now

After Apple launched the iPhone X last year, every Android OEM came with Notch smartphones in 2018 (except few). Some people don’t like the notch and some people get used to it (like me). I love the full screen and always hide the notch from the setting so some icons can stay there and use the space. Well, Today I compiled the list of wallpapers that hides the notch in the device.

The RAR file consists of the 100 HQ wallpapers that hide the notch. I checked those wallpaper in my Poco F1 and it works fine. If your device has an AMOLED screen then it will look great.

Request: We can make this list bigger with your help, If you have any wallpapers that help to hide the notch then you can send it to me via Facebook or Telegram



The RAR file includes 100 High-Quality Wallpaper which hides the notch. You can send me wallpapers to my Facebook or Telegram and I will add more to the list.

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