Government Denies To Ban Chinese Apps Like TikTok, Camscanner And So Many From Playstore & App Store


Due to the clashes on the border with CHINA a campaign in INDIA has been started which is named #boycottchina. The people need to avoid Chinese products in the market as well as on the play store and App Store too.


So, this is the time to wake up and join and follow the campaign. In the previous days, a message has been viral on social media which is claiming that the National Informatics Centre under the Ministry of Electronics and IT has issued a restriction order against Chinese apps. But the government has clarified that the order has been fake and no such types of instructions have been given to Google or Apple. 

The list of Chinese-origin apps in the viral fake message included TikTok, Clash of Kings, Game of Sultans, PUBG, Vigo Video, and many more. The message is not issued by NIC. It was checked by the government’s Press Information Bureau (PIB) fact-checked and said that the viral message and dubbed it fake.

What is written in the viral message?

The message which was shared by PIB Fact Check the highlights that  NIC has issued an order, instructing to the restriction of 14 apps which is provided by Chinese companies, on Google Play store as well as on Apple’s App Store.

The viral message also claims that the government has directed a regional executive of Google, as well as Apple to restrict the Chinese apps as they put all users’ privacy at risk  In the list many Chinese apps, have been included such as Clash of Kings,  Bigo Live, Shein, Vigo Video, Mobile Legends, Vmate, LiveMe, Romwe, Beauty Plus, Club Factory, AppLock, CamScanner and Game of Sultan so that they can be removed from play store.

The message also claims that the government has asked Apple and Google to restrict the Chinese app TikTok from their respective app stores so far. As the timing of fake messages is very brilliant so that no one doubts that it is fake as it comes during rising anti-China sentiments in the INDIA. Earlier, Google had removed  Remove China Apps application from Google Play store for violating deceptive behavior policies.

boycott china

Due to the anger of INDIANS towards CHINA, The Remove China Apps in a very short time had crossed over 50 lakh downloads. Although, the rise of the anti-China sentiment in INDIA also helped TikTok alternative Mitron to gain massive popularity in the country in the previous one month. As on google play store, the TikTok clone app currently has over 50 lakh downloads.

 However, the educator and the innovator Sonam Wangchuk had urged our countrymen to boycott products made in China and uninstall all the Chinese apps. Wangchuk claimed that China is doing all the disputes intentionally with not only INDIA but also with other countries too as they want to increase the suppression of its domestic tensions.

So, there is a request from all of you that do not use any Chinese products and uninstall all the Chinese apps from the phone. I started using all the things that are made in INDIA to make us economically strong. China is using our money to kill us.

Use your money power to boycott china. So, everybody please join the campaign and do all these things at your level. As China is playing dirty mind games. So, for the sake of humanity avoid its products. As they are also harming our brave soldiers on the border so, give them a tribute by boycotting china.

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