YOU CAN LIVE a perfectly delightful mobile existence using an Android phone without tweaking a single setting.

This has always been true. And if you’re an Android power user, if you’ve installed a custom ROM (or even know what that means), this guide is not for you. Lots of those devices are smartphones. One of them might be yours. And if there’s anything about that Pixel or Moto or Galaxy or LG that bothers you even a little—the keyboard, the gestures, the app icons—know that you can make it better. Here’s how.

Ready For Launch

For all of those times, you can simply install a launcher.

Replace Your Home Screen with a Launcher

ou don’t have to use the home screen and app manager that comes with your phone. Without rooting, you can download and install Android launcher that cleans up the interface and customizes your home screens beyond app shortcuts. Additional features include resizing icons, setting up personalized gesture controls, and changing the color scheme. 

Add Widgets to Your Home Screens

A favorite Android feature is the large selection of widgets that can be added to the home screen. The options are endless: weather, time and date, calendar, sports scores, music controls, alarms, note-takers, fitness trackers, social media, and more.

Download Wallpaper

Have a little fun. Spice up your screen with your favorite photos, or download a wallpaper app, and find something that fits your preferences. Best of all, most of these apps are free or inexpensive.

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