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Just two months after announcing the mobile version of immensely popular game Call of Duty,Activation, the game publisher behind the game has finally released the game to some users as part of a closed beta test. Activision
initially made the announcement for the launch of the game on both iOS as well as Android platforms during Game Developers Conference 2019. As part of the announcement, the publisher revealed that it will team up with Chinese Conglomerate Tecent to develop the mobile versionof the game. As part of the announcement, it was revealed that the game was being developed by Timi studio, a game developer that is part of Tencent. It is worth noting that this seems to be a different game than what King, the game development studio behind popular game Candy Crush teased last year.

During the announcement, the company opened up pre-registrations for the beta version of the game on the official
Call Of Duty Mobile website. As part of the preregistration, the company revealed that the game will be free to play with popular maps like Nuketown and Crash. In fact, beyond the usual multiplayer, the game also comes with a Battle Royale mode to take on PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. In addition to the pre-registration process on the official website, the company also opened pre-registration on Google Play Store while adding that pre-registration for the game for iOS-powered devices will come later

Now just about two months After the initial announcement the game seems to have launched to a select number of people who had pre-registered for the beta version of the game. In case you are interested to get your hands on the game, go ahead and follow our instructions below.

Pre-register to get access to Call of Duty: Mobile

It is worth noting that officially, the company has given two different ways for its users to request access to the game. The first one is to head to the Call Of Duty Mobile listing on Google Play Store and then tap on the “Pre-register” button and the second one is through their official website. To be clear, we did get access to the game but for that, we actually pre-registered for the game back when it was announced using the option on Google Play Store.

Google Play Store method for Pre-registration

Pre-registration using Google Play Store is straight forward as users simply need to search “Call Of Duty Mobile” and then tap the “Pre-register” button in front of the first result in the list. Once you are done, the Play Store will confirm that you have pre-registered for the game. In case you change your mind then you can tap the “Unregistered” button in front of the listing.

Call of Duty official website for registration

Talking about pre-registering for the game by going to the official Call of Duty website, you need to tap on the “Pre-register now” button on the top of the website. Once you tap on the button, the website asks you to enter your email address, a new password, country, date of birth and then tap on two check boxes to agree to the privacy policy to sign up for a Call of Duty profile. We did not receive a confirmation email but it is likely that the company will send an email when it opens up new slots up for the beta.

That being said, pre-registration does not guarantee that you will get access to the game as soon as possible. Instead, it all depends on Activation and Tim Studio about when they open new slots for testing. It is worth noting that we tried other methods but they did not work reliably so we are not covering those here.

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