How to Download GCam (Google Camera) For Realme 5 Pro

GCam for Realme 5 pro

Chinese smartphone maker Oppo’s sub-brand, Realme launched the all New budget Friendly flagship, Realme 5 Pro in India. As the company stated earlier, all New Realme 5 Pro flagship specifications under the price range of Rs. 15,000. With some great under-the-hood specs and powerful camera setup, the new Realme 5 Pro is here to dethrone any other smartphone in the segment.

GCam Features:

For those who don’t have a clear idea about Google camera, it’s also known as the GCam. The latest version of GCam has been ported from the 3rd generation of Pixel phones based on Android 9 Pie with Night mode. It brings so many features such as Night Sight, HDR+, Lens Blur, PhotoSphere, slow motion, HDR+ enhanced mode, etc. The Night mode allows the user to click photos brighter even in dark conditions with a good amount of details. It even offers better Portrait images, RAW file editing/saving, Video Stabilization, Google Lens, etc.


Google Camera on Realme 5 Pro Features

First of all, let’s talk about the features that you will be getting with the Gcam on Realme 5 Pro.

  • HDR+ – You can use this feature to click good pictures in low-light or backlit scenes.
  • Night Sight – You will get the Night Sight feature in the Realme X inbuilt(Realme 5 Pro). But Google’s Night Sight is much powerful. The feature enhances the details and colors that get lost in the dark.
  • Super Res Zoom – This feature of Gcam keeps your pictures sharp when you zoom in—without the blur.
  • Top Shot – Using the Top Shot feature in Google camera, you will get the best shots, where no one is blinking.
  • Portrait – Realme X features a dual rear camera setup, but you should try Portrait mode on Gcam too. The app also makes the subject of your photo pop by leaving them in color, while changing the background to black and white.
  • Google Lens Suggestions – Using this feature, you will automatically get information by pointing the camera at contact info, URLs, and barcodes. It also suggests things to do like calling the number or sending an email.

Download Google Camera for Realme 5 Pro:

Here are the steps to download for the ported Google camera for Realme 5 Pro model.

Now, install the ported app like a regular .apk file on your phone. It may ask you to enable app permission on your device to allow install the APK from third party sources. 

Go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Allow Apps from Unknown Sources.

Steps to Install/Load Config.xml File

After installing the APK, now you need to move the Realme_X_Config.xml file to the /Internal Storage/GCam/Configs/ (the folder/path needs to be created manually)
Now, open the GCam app and allow the permissions if required.
Double-tap near the shutter button (dark area around the capture icon) and a menu will pop-up for config.
Tap on Restore button. It will execute the downloaded Config.xml file automatically.

Steps to Export/Save the Config.xml File

In order to back up your settings, go to the settings menu.
Your configuration will be saved in the default /GCam/Configs/ folder (i,e /GCam/Configs/config-name.xml). This file can be used on another GCam version which supports this feature as well.

So that was our short guide on how to install GCam on Realme 5 Pro. While Realme 5 Pro has a stellar quad-camera setup, we all know GCam takes way better photos because of its advanced image processing. So if you want to capture the best photos from your shiny new Realme 5 Pro, do not wait and install Google Camera straight away. Anyway, that is all from us. If you want GCam APK for any other device, do comment down below and let us know.

That’s it. You’re done. Now you can enjoy the Google Camera Realme 5 Pro. We hope you found this guide helpful.

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