How to enable HDR Mode in PUBG in any Android devices

The HD setting on PUBG Mobile runs the game at the native resolution of your mobile device.


Using the High Dynamic Range (HDR) Mode, the game is render in way better color & higher contrast ratio. The blacks are blacker. The whites are whiter. It just looks way better.

This require more resources from the processor, so don’t be surprised if you experience lower performance.

Also, using the HDR Mode on a non HDR Capable display won’t result in much improvement in graphical quality. It’s still present, but not as much as compared to on phones with a HDR Capable Display like the iPhone X.

Here’s a demonstration of HDR done in games through NVIDIA’S G-Sync HDR Technology –
Im using Redmi Note 5 pro and I’ve observed that the HDR mode on PUBG Mobile isn’t that optimized. I notice better graphics overall, but it’s not as big of a improvement as I expected.

I saw the true capabilities of a HDR Capable Display when I watched ‘Gravity’ in HDR by paying for it on play games


1.Android device

2.PUBG need to install in that cell

2.GFX tool for PUBG – Download here

3. Common sense 😁😁


Install the GFX tool in your cell & change the setting like which version of PUBG you have select that.. And now select the graphic that you need to apply

Don’t change the resolution it will affect your device & simply apply & RUN the game

Now you find that HDR Mode is enabled in your device for more details watch the tutorial video below

Video Tutorial:

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