How to Find GCAM(Google Camera) For any Android Devices


Now with the release of Google Pixel 4 series, the company has updated the Google Camera app and has added some amazing features like Astronomical mode, transparent UI, enhanced Night Sight, Motion Blur, AR Photobooth, Audio Zoom, and a few other features. Install Gcam V7.0

Now Its too easy to find the best Gcam for your android devices, you just want to know about the single app called Gcamator.

How to Find GCAM

Best Way to Find The GCAM

This is an application that will help you to install the latest Google Camera application for many devices.
The application has a remote database, where stored Google Camera application for almost 100 devices at this moment.


  • The application will detect Camera2Api status automatically and will inform you about that
  • On the second tab, the application will recognize your device data and gives you a relevant version of Google Camera for your device
  • If the application can’t find Google Camera for your smartphone, you could “Subscribe Notification”. After that, your smartphone data, like Device Manufacturer, Model, and Android Version will be sent to developer and then it will be added about a few hours. You will get a notification on your smartphone about it
  • You could try to go to the third tab and download the relevant version manually
  • Some devices, like Xiaomi Mi9, Xiaomi Redmi 7, Redmi Note 7, Galaxy S10 Snapdragon, doesn’t require root access and activate Camera2Api manually. It’s activated by default. The application will detect it.
  • The application works on two languages: English, Georgian and Spanish


Video Tutorial:

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