How to React to WhatsApp Messages with Emoji

After teasing and testing out the feature with beta users for a couple of months, WhatsApp has now started rolling out the ability to react to messages in a conversation with an emoji. Yeah, you heard that right. Just like Instagram and Messenger, you can now choose to not type a reply, but instead, react to messages with an emoji to express how you feel about them. The emoji reactions feature is now reaching all iOS, Android, and desktop/ web users of WhatApp, so let’s learn how to use this feature. Here’s how you can react to a message with an emoji on WhatsApp.

Guide to WhatsApp Emoji Message Reactions

What are Emoji Message Reactions?

As the name suggests, the emoji reactions feature enables you to quickly react to specific messages with emojis and share your opinion without flooding the chat with new messages. That means you can simply use the face with tears of joy emoji to react to a funny message or a thumbs up to acknowledge a message sent in a group conversation.

This is a simple feature that has existed in apps like Instagram and Messenger for years. It has finally reached WhatsApp to bring parity among Meta (formerly Facebook) owned messaging apps. There is no steep learning curve to this feature, so let’s learn how to use it.

Available Emoji Reactions & Meaning

WhatsApp currently offers six emojis that you can use to react to messages in a conversation, and they are:

  • Thumbs up (👍)
  • Heart (❤️)
  • Face with tears of joy (😂)
  • Face with mouth open (😮)
  • Crying face (😢)
  • Person with folded hands (🙏)

The messaging app aims to add support for all the emojis and skin tones, much like Instagram, mentions WhatsApp head Will Cathcart in an official tweet.

How to React to WhatsApp Messages with Emoji

With the basics out of the way, it’s time for us to learn how to send emoji reactions in WhatsApp conversations. It works the same way on Android and iOS devices. Here’s how to use the feature:

1. Open WhatsApp and head to a conversation. Here, long-press on the message you wish to react to, and you will see the emoji reactions bar pop up on your screen.

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2. Select the emoji you wish to react with, and it will show up at the bottom edge of the message bubble. Here’s what the message reaction feature looks like:

3. If you wish to see how many people have reacted to a WhatsApp message and what emoji they have used, tap on the emojis showing up on the message bubble.

Try Out New WhatsApp Message Reactions Feature

So yeah, that’s pretty much everything you need to know about using emoji reactions on WhatsApp. The emojis are currently restricted to the six default options, but it will be worth everyone’s time when the messaging app adds support for all emojis.

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