MIUI 11 Rolling Out – First Impression


Xiaomi has been working hard to keep its devices updated. It was one of the first OEMs to bring Android 10 to non-Pixel devices, and with the upcoming MIUI 11 update, its devices were promised system optimizations and a “refreshing” UI update later this year.

Dangling a long-anticipated update in front of smartphone users is comparable to the age-old carrot-and-stick story, but that’s the absolutely true situation these days.

The phone makers ‘accidentally’ leaked the teaser of a new feature, or even misplaced a piece of testing software in the wild.

MIUI 11 looks:

Last week the whole Xiaomi community experienced a similar phenomenon. The Chinese units of Mi MIX 2S, Mi 8 and Mi 9 started to get MIUI 11 tagged beta builds, although that was a mere cosmetic change from the Chinese OEM.

I presume Xiaomi needs to improve the security perimeter around the big red button in their OTA delivery center, as another set of MIUI 11 based software updates randomly appeared a few hours ago. The OEM instantly shut down the rollout, but we now have plenty of fascinating information.

Video Tutorials:

First of all, the ‘accident’ happened on Redmi K20 Pro, Mi MIX 2S, Mi 6 and Mi Note 3 units in China. The changelog did mention ‘MIUI 11’ in it, which is a significant change.

After translating the Chinese text, we know that these builds are targeted towards a special group of users (alpha testers perhaps) thus they are protected with watermarks. You can find the IMEI and the Mi account ID all over the places in the UI after installing this particular update on your phone.

We are not sure whether the watermarking is part of the whole MIUI 11 development builds or only today’s compilations, but it can be dangerous for the alpha/beta testers. Always erase those identifiers before sharing the images, otherwise, Xiaomi will kick you out from the testing team.

Hurry up! Xiaomi might take down these packages anytime!

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