Notagenda – Note & Calendar & Tasks & Alarm

Like a swiss pocket knife, our application is an easy to use, functional and handy tool seeking to solve many problems about planning, note-taking and calendar use on mobile phones and applications. Our main aim is to successfully integrate calendar use and notes, making our app a tool for people to keep their agenda in Notagenda, like in real life, but of course, more effectively.

Summary of what we offer:

  • Agenda/calendar function, successful integration of note-taking and calendar use,
  • Password-protected notes, letting you define a password for your notes,
  • A functional widget, easy access to app and some functions,
  • Easy-access categories/folders sidebar, one-click access from main note screen,
  • Copy/paste any link directly into their preferred notes,
  • Task notes, where you can create task items with check-boxes,
  • No cloud, your data is protected by 128-bit AES encryption,
  • Easy to use calculator note, keep record of your calculations, take notes besides them,
  • One click access to Google Lens application,
  • Ability to merge your notes,
  • Enhanced sorting options,
  • A separate alarm page for your daily alarms,
  • Very effective and powerful search (works also in password-protected notes),
  • Coloring notes,
  • Adding reminders to notes,
  • One-time payment, lifetime license to ad-free usage.

What we offer in detail:

A very useful agenda/calendar function, to let you keep your agenda through our app. You can view your notes on a separate calendar view, and you can add notes or reminders to any date you like. You can also view your notes in a chronological order, from future to past.

Easy-access category sidebar, letting you access your categories/folders with one touch on the same screen. This is crucially important for an efficient use of categories/folders which we think is a short-coming for many note-taking applications where you reach your folders in a separate page, which leads users to not use that function effectively.


Task notes, where you can create task items with check-boxes, checking them when the task is over/completed, thus keeping track of your tasks on any given subject.

Easy to use calculator note. You can make unlimited and separate calculations in one page, can keep the record of your calculations, can save them, and can comment on them line by line in adjacent field designed for that.

Ability to merge your notes. Our application is maybe the only note-taking app on the stores where you can merge your notes. This is really handy for people frequently taking short notes on specific subjects then having plenty of unorganized notes.

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