PUBG New State to launch on November 11th

PUBG New State is among the most anticipated mobile game in 2021. The game developers have revamped the game graphics from the ground up and added a new set of arsenal without compromising the core feeling of  PUBG Mobile. Players can sign-up for pre-registration on Google Play Store and App App Store to be the first one to download and play PUBG: New State.

After the PUBG: Mobile ban, fans have been looking for alternatives to their favourite battle royale title. In India, Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI in short have taken the place for PUBG: Mobile still many fans are looking forward to PUBG: New State. The developer has also announced that the game has crossed 50 million pre-registrations.

PUBG: New State: release date, launch trailer, and more

On February 25th, 2021, Krafton opened the first round of pre-registration. According to Krafton, more than 40 million users have applied for the pre-registration and are looking forward to the release date of PUBG: New State.

Today, Krafton revealed the official date of release and shared some key details about the game and its features. According to the sources, PUBG: New State is set in a futuristic world where the economy is declining, the population is divided into fractions, and players need to fight for survival. The game is set to release on November 11th, 2021. Along with the release date, Krafton shared the official video trailer of the game on PUBG: New State YouTube channel.

The game is ready to serve first-hand action to the players and those who’ve registered for the pre-registration will get to play the game first. 

PUBG: New State is set in a futuristic world of 2051 and features futuristic weapons, vehicles, clothing and more. One of the biggest highlights of the game is the map TROI, which is a dystopian style city filled with all sorts of mysteries and supernatural elements. Apply for pre-registration today to be one of the million people who test their skills in TROI.

PUBG: New State: top features

As a next-gen mobile game, Krafton introduced a bunch of new features and technologies to make this game as exceptional as it can be. As for the final set of tests, the South Korean gaming company will implement anti-cheat methods along with a final test scheduled for October 29th to October 30th. The game will release in 200 countries and those who’ve applied for pre-registration might get some in-game rewards upon downloading. Furthermore, here is a list of features you can expect from the new PUBG: New State mobile game.

Enhanced gunplay and mechanics

During the online showcase of the game, the Creative Director of New State, Daehun Kim, shared the new mechanism used in the game. He noted that PUBG: New State aims to push the conventional ways of mobile gaming into original gameplay that will feature weapon customization, drone store and a new recruitment system for players. PUBG: New State will have four new maps, including the new map, Troi, the classic Erangel and others. During the event, the game’s Executive Producer, Minkyu Park, talked about how NEW STATE will define the next generation of battle royale games. He stated that New State will implement state-of-the-art rendering technology, which will be on par with the gunplay system of the PC version of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS.

State-of-the-art Global Illumination technology

NEW STATE uses Illumination technology that provides ultras realistic graphics which surpasses what was previously possible in mobile gaming. Through this, PUBG: NEW STATE will be able to achieve a higher level of gaming, which was not seen before in battle Royal games. Though PUBG: Mobile was one of the first few games that set the standard for the mobile battle royale genre, the PUBG: NEW STATE will define the standards for the next generation of battle royale games.

Weapon customization and Drone Store

NEW STATE retains the classic PUBG vehicle, guns, and other in-game items. But it also added some interesting elements to the game including, the new weapons customization, new vehicles and a unique concept called the Drone Store. As expected from the new map Troi, PUBG: New State will add some unique ways of travelling. This includes the new electric car Volta, the new two-wheeler Vulture and the classic Tram. Besides that, the game will feature a Drone Shop. A one-of-a-kind in-game shop that allows you to buy items inside the game, which will later be delivered to you by drones. Players will also be able to customize their weapons using The Customization Kit. 

New maps, challenges and rewards

PUBG: New State revolves around the year 2051. Inside the game, you’ll find all sorts of futuristic weapons, challenges and rewards. The game will feature some interesting challenges and a reward system. All of this will happen in the newly built map Troid. The same 8x8km map in PUBG Mobile and BGMI’s Erangel. However, what sets this map apart from the rest is the list of new features only available inside PUBG: New State. These features include drone calls, support requests and a lot more that wasn’t covered in the new PUBG: New State video trailer. Additionally, all the users who’ve applied for pre-registration will get a free Limited Vehicle Skin.

Strong Anti-Cheat Measures for fair-play

As the next-gen battle royale game, Krafton aims to provide fair gameplay to all gamers. With anti-cheat strategies, New State will create a safe environment for all the honest players. In the online showcase of the game, the Head of the Anti-cheat Unit, Sangwan Kim of PUBG Studios, noted that Krafton will not entertain any cheats, unauthorized programs, keyboard, mouse, and peripherals in the game.

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