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1.How to WhatsApp Online Status without Root

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2.Peego android app for Download video clips
3.Recycle Master-Recycle Bin, File Recovery
4.Your Hour – phone addiction tracker and controller

How to WhatsApp Online Status without Root

The app will help you to be aware when your friend is online in the social networks WhatsApp, Telegram or Vkontakte.
You can view the statistics of the profile activity for each day.
The application can send a notification when the profile is online.

Just specify a link to your friend’s profile, and from the same time starts monitoring.

After adding a profile the application will start to collect statistics of online. You’ll know when the profile was online, The statistics show it. After adding a profile the application will start to collect statistics of online. You’ll know when the profile was online, The statistics show it.

You can selectively disable or enable the notification in the list of the application. Also on the list have a status indicating when the profile has been online for the last time.

Peego android app for Download video clips

1. To download any query on YouTube or Sound Cloud, users can type the query in the search bar on the Peggo page. It then displays a list of items based on the query.

2. Users can then choose from choices displayed on the page. By pressing “enter” the user reaches the page mentioned “search results”. The page displays various albums, age the video, titles, artists, duration of the video. Users can then choose the desired video or mp3 based on the query.

3. When the user chooses a specific video, it takes them to the next page which is the Digital Video Recorder page. Simply choose either convert to mp3 or mp4, then press “Record”.

4. Allow a few seconds for Peggo converting the file to mp3/mp4.

                                                                       DOWNLOAD HERE
Recycle Master-Recycle Bin, File Recovery

Have you ever accidentally deleted important photos and videos from your phone? Install Recycle Master to get a recycle bin or a trash in your device to get the files recovery feature. After that, all your removed photos, videos, documents and other types of files will automatically be backed up in the recycle bin or the trash. Then you can easily recover deleted files at any time and restore them to your device.

Enjoy files recovery right now!

Lock App with Password
Auto Clean
The Files Dumpster in Your Device

Key Features
• Effortlessly Backup 
• All Features for Free 
• Ads Free 
• Instantly Retrieve 
• Lock App with Password 
• Auto Clean 


Your Hour – phone addiction tracker and controller

At times, do you feel that you are getting more & more addicted to your Smartphone and not able to stay FOCUSED? You wake up with your phone by your side and sleep with it next to you. Probably, your phone is your companion throughout the day at all times. But is this PHONE ADDICTION affecting your personal & professional life lately? Are there some Apps which take toll of your productive time & you feel like losing Control?

Then we have got a Smart Digital Solution to your problem of mobile addiction! 
Your Hour app gives you a variety of fun and user-friendly features that can help you track and manage your phone usage and also know the Category of Phone Addict that you are!

Key features of the Your Hour App: 

 The Dashboard: Your gateway to your day! 

The Goal Spots: Know Your Level of Addiction!
The “Clock Timer”: See your time slip by!

Tap That App: Just tap it!

What’s Been Cooking: Your Phone’s Daily Routine! 

The Reports: We Remind you!
The Widget: Your Hour On Screen!
                                                                  DOWNLOAD HERE

Video Tutorial: 

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