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Super Status Bar – Best Notification Gestures

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It seems like heads-up notifications have been with us for forever now, even though they were actually introduced with Android 5.0 Lollipop all the way back in 2014. Before then, though, we used to have something called a “notification ticker” that would show a preview of incoming notifications within the status bar when they arrived. Although this feature has long been forgotten, many have tried to bring back this functionality using third-party apps. We previously detailed a workaround using the automation app Tasker, but if you want a solution that’s a bit simpler to set up, check out an app called “Super Status Bar.”

Everything about the app and its tweaks is fully customizable, making it easy to change things to the way that you like.
Apply styles such as iOS 13 status bar, MIUI 11 and Android Q.


  • Easily change brightness and volume just by swiping along the status bar
  • Includes: Brightness control as well as music/media, ring, notification, voice call and alarm volumes
  • Able to automatically detect the type of sound playing. If you’re listening to music, swiping along the status bar will change your music volume


  • Bring back the unobtrusive status bar notification ticker text
  • When a new notification arrives, it will display along your status bar
  • The style can be fully customized to you’re liking
  • Replaces your heads up notifications if you enable it


  • You can use simple gestures in the status bar to perform custom actions
  • Including: tap, double tap, long press and swipe left/right

    Available actions:
  • Double tap to sleep (turn off screen)
  • Flashlight / Torch
  • Toggle rotation
  • Open apps
  • Open app shortcuts
  • Screenshot
  • Power off menu
  • Back / Home / Recents
  • Go to previous / next app
  • Set brightness (when tapping)
  • Expand notifications
  • Expand quick settings
  • Split screen


  • Change the style of the status bar icons to iOS 13, MIUI 11 or Android Q (more coming soon!)
  • Hide status bar icons you dont want to see
  • Change the color of icons and the status bar background


  • Vibrate when tapping quick settings


  • Display your current battery level as a small bar along the status bar
  • Animates when charging
  • Fully customizable with colors and positioning

If you are interested in checking out Super Status Bar, then you can download it from the Google Play Store link right now.

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