Tips and tricks: Do not purchase a laptop before checking these points

Laptop is an electronic gadget that has become an important part of our life. Be it workplace or educational institution, the use of laptop cannot be ignored. After the advent of Covid-19 pandemic the ‘work from home’ culture has boomed significantly. The ‘work from home’ culture has in turn increased the use and selling of laptops in India. However, many users are quite unaware of the things they should be concerned while purchasing a laptop.

Before purchasing a laptop, users must be aware of their requirement and then make a purchase. Generally users try to purchase a laptop at a lower price without getting into the details of the laptop. Prima facie it might seem that a user has got a great deal but after a few months he/ she have to suffer. It is quite advisable that whenever you purchase a laptop, search thoroughly on the internet about the type of laptop you wish to buy. Take some advice from a technical expert if possible (offline or online).

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Here are some tips that should be kept in mind while purchasing a laptop.

Operating System

The Operating System is the base of any laptop. It helps a user to install and run various applications according to his/ her choice. Always try to know about the type and version of the operating system that is pre-installed on the system. The latest version of your desired operating system (windows, Linux, macOS) will ensure a smooth and lagfree process. However, if you purchase a laptop with an older OS, you might have to upgrade very soon.

Processor and RAM

While purchasing a laptop, ensure that the processor that you are offered is up to date. Never settle down for a laptop that offers an old processor at a relatively low price. The latest version of a processor means smooth functioning of your work. Similarly, more RAM on a laptop means more overall speed. Ensure that a laptop has ample RAM for your daily purposes. However, do not purchase a laptop with more RAM if you don’t need it. It is so because more RAM increases battery consumption. You would never want unnecessary battery depletion on your laptop.

Battery backup

The most important part of a laptop is its convenience. If your laptop offers great battery backup, then you will be more productive. It is so because; you do not have to unnecessarily run for charging your laptop. A full charge will ensure that you have more working hours. However, if you are one of those who love to play games on your laptop, battery backup should not be a concern. It is so because gaming laptops are performance oriented and generally do not ensure a long backup.

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