Top 10 Tips And Tricks For Realme Users

So hey guys what’s up! We are here back with a now blog.

So guys do you even know about your own Realme phones?
I guess most of u just use your mobile for calling and for gaming purpose? Well here are some of the hidden tips and tricks that you should enable for better and efficient performance..

Top 10 Tips And Tricks For Realme

Top 10 Tips And Tricks For Realme :

1.How to use two applications at a same time(split screen)?

  • It’s so simple .
  • First open the application you want to use then press your minimize button for 3 seconds,so now your screen will be divided into 2 parts
  • Select your another application that you want to use at the same time and do your work easily without closing previous application.

2.Dark mode

Well now it had became very much easy for the readers and YouTubers who spends most of the time onn screening.

So realme had launched a new and very much helpful function that is darkmode on the new software update on ColorOS Version V6.0

So you just have to do is update the latest software. Then after update,

  • Go to settings and scroll down the bottom
  • Select Realme lab option
  • Then you can enable the Dark Mode.

3. Smart Sidebar

Guys if You’re a gamer or u are reading something important and don’t want interruption so you can enable this function .It has many shortcut such as donot disturb,contacts,messages and many more.You just have to do is,

  • Click settings
  • Go to convenience Aid
  • Select Smart Sidebar
  • Enable it.

4.Magnification gestures

Guys now u can zoom in on a large scale anywhere also in Home screen,Profile photos,Dp’s,etc just by tapping 3 times on screen in simple steps,

  • Click settings
  • Select Accessibility Option
  • Select magnification
  • Click on.

5.Battery percentage

Guys most of u are embaraced to see how much charging you had consumed.
So for knowing that you just have to follow few steps.

  • click setting
  • select Notification & Status bar
  • Switch on battery percentage .

6.Network speed at realtime

So guys here is a brilliant feature in Realme smartphone that now u can see realtime accessibility of your internet speed.

  • Click settings
  • Select Notification & Status bar
  • Switch onn realtime network speed

7.Hide applications and applock

Guys now you can hide your applications without any kind of additional applications support.
Just do these following steps

  • Click settings
  • Select Security option
  • Select App Encryption
  • Set Password and select application you want to hide or lock.

8.Window Animation Scale

Guys now you can boost up your slow working phone by activating these features

  • Click settings
  • Select Additional settings
  • Select Developer options and enable it.
  • Enter Developer options and choose window animation zoom and turn off, respectively with Transition Animation scale and Animator
  • Duration scale.

9.Background app limitations

Guys now u can manage your background application and data and it can make your mobile fast and efficient as your background application is limited.
You can enable it in few steps.

  • Click settings
  • Select Additional settings then Developers option
  • Select background process limit(How much application u want keep enabled in background).

10.Game boost

Guys this is the most secret feature which most of the users don’t know.Now you can boost your gaming experience just by enabling it in few steps.

  • Click settings
  • Select Additional settings then select Developers option
  • Enable Force Use of GPU for 2D Drawing and Enable 4xMSAA Respectively.
  • Now your device is set free for Your better Gaming Experience..

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