Top 5 Best IDE for Programmers

Top 5 Best IDE for Programmers

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. IDE is a tool that is used by Programmers. The article will cover the Top 5 Best IDE for Programmers. A developer should learn all the syntax that is needed for software testing and writing. Apart from this IDE plays a huge role in a programmer’s life. As well as that IDE helps a Developer works more quickly and precisely. As you are a beginner or professional developer you know the IDE plays the most important part while coding. It is a multiple-step process that requires debugging, editing, coding, interpreter, compiler, etc. It gets more complicated when you are working with 10-12 members at the same time. With the help of IDE, you don’t want to mug up syntax and some parts.

In this article, we have mentioned the top 5 Best IDE for Programmers which include features, multiple coding languages, etc.

But before starting let’s know

What is an IDE?

IDE is an Integrated Development Environment. An IDE includes mainly these features:

  • Text Editor – By the help of text editor you can enter, edit, and delete the characters. It can be used to change files such as documentation files, configuration files, and source code of programming language.
  • Interpreter or Compiler – With the help of complier or interpreter it can convert source code into machine code. Also complier or interpreter it can convert a program written in a high-level into machine code understood by computers.
  • Debugger – It is mainly used for tests the code for errors so you can resolve them.
  • Syntax Highlighter – With the help of syntax highlighter it allows you to display text in different colors, and fonts according to the editor terms. 
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) – GUI is a visual representation of communications that makes it easy for user to interact with electronic devices. GUI includes graphical icon such as mouse, tabs, cursors, menus, scroll bars, and windows.

Why IDEs are so important for Programmers?

Well, take an example – you are going to make Maggi for Breakfast. Even you know the recipe for how to make Maggi but you need ingredients and appropriate tools/ equipment to put your idea into reality. You find all the ingredients and tools in the kitchen. So, that will be your workplace.

Whereas developers also know how to code, they also need all work with all relevant tools. So, IDE will provide all the features to developers with the workstation. That’s why IDE is very important. Below mentioned the Top 5 Best IDE for Programmers that supports C++, C, Java, Javascript, Python, and many more.

1. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a free tool editor used by many programmers. Moreover, it can be used in many programming languages such as C++, Java, Python, Javascript, etc. Along with the support of Visual Studio Code it can use for task running, debugging, and, version control. Visual Studio Code supports Linux, macOS, and Windows. VS Code also helps you in bracket-matching, box-selection, syntax highlighting, snippets, etc

Visual studio code is an editor made by Microsoft. Emmet Abbreviations tool is used for the shortcut that is inbuilt in VS Code. By using these features you will more comfortable while using VS Code.

2. PyCharm

Pycharm is a dedicated Python Integrated Development Environment (IDE) providing a wide range of essential tools for Python Developers. The tool is mainly used who are learning Python programming language. PyCharm is cross-platform with Windows, Linux, and macOS users. The features include Code completion, error highlighting, quick fixes, etc. Some of the professional editions for paid users only support web frameworks like web2py, Django, and Flask, Google app engine python development, and many more.

PyCharm provides an API so that developers can write their own plugins to extent PyCharm features. Till now there are more than 1000 plugins that are compatible with Pycharm. It has a free community edition which is released under Apache license and also a professional license which is under a proprietary license.

3. Sublime Text

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a source code editor. If you are a beginner and just want to start programming. Then, the sublime text is easy to use. The program is lighting fast, stable and mature. It supports many programming languages. Along with it include many features such as syntax highlight, Sidebar, File type recognition, and many more. While the interface is similar to the Atom editor.

4. Eclipse

Eclipse IDE

Eclipse is an IDE used for Computer programming languages. In the Eclipse IDE, most of the part is written in the JAVA programming language. It is mostly used for the JAVA language. The Eclipse is one of the IDE used for computer-based applications using various programming languages like JAVA, Ruby, Python, C, C++, etc. In any IDE the software system is mandatory to support all types of code. In Eclipse IDE the code system is very simple just install the plug-ins that help the programmers. For, the user who wants to develop web-based applications just needs to download the JavaEE bundle. The Eclipse IDE also supports JSF tooling, JPA tooling, editing XML files, and web service development.

The developers who are working with Spring also use Eclipse IDE. As the Spring also supports Spring-based applications. For, a programmer debugging and testing is the two most important thing. With the help of Eclipse IDE, the programmer can do testing and debug very smoothly.

5. Atom

Atom IDE

Atom IDE is a free open-source text code editor. This IDE supports operating systems are macOS, Windows, and Linux. An atom text editor is built by the Electron framework. Atom IDE is an open-source editor developed by Github. And most of the features of the Atom editor are similar to the Sublime Text editor. Atom makes it easy and quick to install with customized themes. Most of the developers use Atom editor to create interactive responsive web apps. When you first start the Atom editor will be faster as compared to other IDE. But, when you compare it to Visual Studio Code its load time can be pretty slow when you open large files.

We have covered all the major points of the Top 5 Best IDE for Programmers. So, you know better what is special in the different IDEs. Share it will all your programmer friends so they can know more regarding IDEs. And comment down which IDE you think is the most useful for programmers. With the use of the best IDE, you can code well so make ensure to choose the best IDE if you are starting your coding journey.

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