Top 5 video editing software for YouTubers

Youtube has made people watch more content on their platform rather than watch on Television. So However you want to become a Youtuber or want to explore these fields you need to also know which software is useful to make your video engaging and effective. Youtube has around 2 billion active users who watch 250 million hours of video per day. Do you know over 80-85% US population watches videos online every day? With the help of good software, you can make your video very effective to engage with your audience. For every creator editing the video is the main task. Because the raw footage needs to be organized in a single video. That’s the reason we have covered the Top 5 video editing software for YouTubers that can be used for Freelancer, Youtubers, Professional editors, etc.

If you are a beginner in the Video editing field then don’t worry because we have covered the best and easy-to-use software for users. So any creator uploads the video the user gets an attraction by the content and editing of that video. With the usage of the Internet, video marketing and video content are explored along the way. And if you are a Youtuber, Freelancer, or any other field and want o make video content. Then you are in right place. We have listed the Top 5 video editing software for YouTubers you can read the full articles to know better about the software.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is software that is designed for video editors. It is a timeline-based software that is developed by Adobe company. The software is mostly used for video editing on Windows and Mac OS. The video editing software is widely used for its film, television, editing videos, and online videos. Premiere Pro is also used with After Effects software to make a creative project. Moreover, it can be used for all editing tasks with high-quality definition videos. Along with you can import any audio or video files to create the best-edited video with the help of tools. The subscription gives the benefit to access all sorts of video in 8K in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Apart from this, the software is used by many professionals like Freelancers, Marketing Professions, Youtubers, production managers, etc. The software is integrated with Adobe products that let its users can transfer files from one software to another adobe software. It can be used for Windows, macOS, and iOS. The software display is very to use and find the features easily. The software also offers various features including 8K footage produced by professional video cameras. Apart from this it also enables you to edit VR or 360-degree videos. With the help of customizable transitions and motion graphics, you can edit the best video.   

2. Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is a software developed by Apple. The software is very easy to use even for a beginner. As well as that software is for editing, creating, and producing high-quality video. This software is mainly used by the industry’s leading professionals because of its high-quality editing and fast rendering process. The recent updates also include 4K and 5K videos with 360-degree video editing support.

If you are a Youtuber or a freelancer it can save enough time while rendering the video. And can also help while editing the video because of its easy-to-use design. Moreover, the software is only used by Mac operating system. The editor also has features of editing the video from multi-cam recording setups and can easily switch between multiple angles.

Furthermore, it also has a timeline and non-destructive editing of clips. The video editor can easily create 2D and 3D titles, chroma keys for blue and green screens, etc. The software supports up to to 23 streams of 4K ProRes Raw, 6 streams of 8K ProRes Raw and can render up to 2.7 faster speed in Final Cut Pro software. In this software, you can preview the effect without applying it to the main file. The video editor also has the option to create Motion Graphics, Motion Templates quickly and easily.

3. iMovie

iMovie software is one of the simple and easy-to-use software. The software is only used for Mac OS, iPad, and iPhone. Some of the best features are cropping and rotating video clips, modifying the options and enhancing the color settings, adding video transitions, shaky videos, changing the speed of clips, etc. The software is also used for business purposes, educational content to create videos, Youtube videos, etc. Users can easily cut, rotate, and join the videos in a simple few clicks. In the software, there is a large number of titles, motion graphics, texts, etc. More advanced features include such as Split Screen, Green Screen, etc.

The latest features offer HD and 4K videos and the users can edit the footage from GoPros, iPhones, and all other digital video cameras. The software offers basic video editing features that enable to trim, crop, arrange the clips in which way the users want. With the help of iMovie, you can make 4K videos and even share the video on all the social media platforms with just a few clicks. The software is only used by Mac operating system users.

4. Wonder Share Filmora

Filmora software is a video editing software that enables users to create amazing edited videos. The software UI/UX is very simple and easily understandable for the beginner editor. Furthermore, the features are also easy to use and can edit videos to high quality. Wondershare Filmora also provides animated elements, filters, and many best video effects. In the software, the filters and overlays are inbuilt with amazing designs.

Apart from this the editor can also drag and drop the multiple videos to edit. The users can also use free royalty music from a library of music. With the help of audio mixer features, it enables to change the audio of the track. The features of color turning enable users to adjust the white balance and dynamic range.

Filmora renders the video quickly even you are working with 4K footage. The Professional 3D LUTs the editor can change the video aesthetic in just one click using high-quality color grading presets. With the help of advanced color options, the users can adjust white balance, exposure, lightness, saturation, and many advanced properties. Some of the best features include are Pan & Zoom, Tilt Shift, Camera Shake, Audio Mixer, Screen Detection, Screen Recording, Auto crop resize, etc.

5. Shot Cut

Shot Cut video editor is a free open source cross-platform for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Previously, Shot Cut is mainly designed for Linux But now you can use it on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. Although it was designed for Linux so many users find the interface is not that easy to use as compared to any other video editor. It’s not easy to add transitions but in Shot cut the process is very easy.

Just simply move the clip in your timeline and then edit according to it. If you update any effects in the editor it can take a few seconds to edit the video. In the editor, the users have the choice to edit the video in 4K at 60fps. In this editor, you can’t preview thumbnail for effects and transitions. Creating any clear it will take a few seconds and can’t create automatically.

The features also include Flexible UI through dock panels, Switch and save between the multiple UI layouts, etc. The audio features include jack transport sync, tone generator, video speed changes, spectrum analyzer, audio mixing with all tracks, etc. Some of the best video effects are Chroma Key, Color grading, Elastic scale, dither, etc.

Conclusion: If you want to explore any of the editing software. Then visit Youtube and search the tutorial of the software. Even if you are a beginner you can edit the video in the best way by practicing the tutorials.

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