Top 5 Windows Apps That You Should Try

Microsoft Windows 11 is packed with many new features that make it more fun and productive. To make your work more fun and productive on Windows 11, you can use third-party apps. In this article, we are going to share the top 5 Windows apps that you should try. We have made a list of apps that you must have on your Windows laptop or PC. This list includes some of the most fun to use and unique apps that can enhance your user experience. These apps are totally free to use so you don’t have to worry about paying any additional amount. You can find all the apps listed below on Microsoft Store. We have included some of the best apps that a windows user must have on their PC or laptop. Now without any further delay let’s dive in.

Top 5 Windows Apps That You Should Try


The first app on our list of top 5 Windows apps is TranslucentTB. If you like customizing your Windows PC or laptop then this app is for you. Most of us use the same taskbar that comes with Windows 11. Although there are some personalisation options given by Microsoft those are limited. TranslucentTB allows you to change your taskbar appearance. All you have to do is download the app from Microsoft Apps Store and then launch the app. You get four options Normal, Clear, Opaque and Acrylic.

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The next app on our list of top 5 Windows apps is ShareX. We all take screenshots to save any content we found interesting, but to take one we use Snip & Sketch app which comes already pre-installed. However, the features that Snip & Sketch provide are limited, whereas ShareX is filled with many features. It has tons of capturing methods, the build-in editor, run automated steps after you have taken a screenshot, and some extra tools like a colour grabber and ruler. ShareX is a free app that you can directly download from Microsoft App Store.


When it comes to choosing the right wallpaper we all invest a lot of time in it. Backiee offers a solution for all your wallpaper needs. It offers top-notch, high-quality wallpapers in different resolutions like 4K. It even has a wallpaper available in 8K and you can also apply different search filters to find the right wallpaper you are looking for. Now you might be wondering how Backiee is different from other wallpaper apps. Well, not only you can download wallpaper in high resolutions but there are tons of other features like Widgets, Slideshow, Interactive Slideshow and many more. Backiee even allows you to upload your own wallpaper on the app so others can download them. If you were looking for a good app to get wallpaper for your system then Backiee could be the right choice.

Microsoft Sticky Notes

When we are talking about productivity there is no chance we can forget some of the best apps that can help you. It is always better t write down all the things that are important and has to be done. Through this app, you can create sticky notes and can stick them on your desktop. So, whenever you open your working PC or laptop you read it first and remember what you have to do. The latest version of Microsoft Sticky Notes comes with many new features like the ability to add images to your notes, use the Surface Pen to create handwritten notes, and work in dark mode. The best part is you don’t even have to download the app it comes pre-installed on your Windows 11 Pc or laptop.

Modern Flyouts

If you have already upgraded to Windows 11, then you must have experienced many new features from Microsoft. In the latest Windows, they have changed many things the new taskbar, Xbox features on your PC and many more. When you increase or decrease Volume you see a vertical bar on the top left of your screen. Modern Flyout allows you to change flyouts that come default in Windows 11 like Audio, Airplane, Brightness, etc. This will give your Windows PC or laptop a whole new look.


So, this was our list of top 5 Windows apps that you should try. We would recommend you to try out all the mentioned apps once and see for yourselves. If you have given your PC or laptop a fresh start then this software will fulfil most of your needs like wallpaper, productivity and customization.

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